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OnixBloom Greenlake-OnixBloom Greenlake-

We are three Womxn committed to honoring the dualities of life. We give space for the dance through the Onix and the Bloom. We came to be through some dark moments, and it is there in the dirt where we cultivated the gifts we can't wait to share with you. Everything we offer is built from our journey of discovering what is needed to move through the spaces of life. We are sisters, friends and partners. We personally invite you to work with us, because the world needs more of YOU: Womxn standing in their power, shouting their stories from the rootops and being HEARD, and embracing their whole beautiful being.  

OnixBloom Greenlake-OnixBloom Greenlake-

As a movement professional, I’m an international Fletcher Pilates teacher with movement experience as a dancer from the age of 5, and 12+ years of teaching experience. I LOVE movement, and sharing the power and joy of movement with others.


As a Womxn, I'm a mother, a sister, a daughter, an ally, a partner, a survivor. It is in the unexpected ways my professional and personal paths have woven together, and the OnixBloom journey I'm on that I will share with you authentically, that I've discovered a deeper way to share my work.


I promise to give you a depth of knowledge, compassionate understanding, and humble grace in my teaching and leading of B.S.S.M!  

OnixBloom Greenlake-OnixBloom Greenlake-

As a movement professional, I'm a master teacher and leader in mindful movement including yoga, Pilates, Butoh dance, meditation in motion and Ayurveda. I've studied these disciplines for __ years and currently teach at the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at the University of Washington and Motion 33.


As a Womxn, I'm a originally from Mexico City; I am a traveler, seeker of truth, lover of nature, daughter, wife and childfree by choice. I arrived to the US in 1999 with the dream of completing a master’s degree in dance because of the curiosity for the human body in motion. Now 12 years latter, after achieving this the world of movement has expanded. I see the body as a creative force and I believe movement provides access to empowerment, mindfulness, and self-discovery.


I promise to share with you a depth of knowledge, awareness, and love to connect with your own body, and to help you strengthen the relationship with yourself and others through the power of your own exquisite movement.

OnixBloom Greenlake-OnixBloom Greenlake-

As a photographer, I own Sorella Photos and have been Witnessing people with my camera for 18 years. Through coaching the Self Expression and Leadership program for 6 years and helping people create projects that make a difference in the world, plus hosting sister circle's through the Global Sisterhood for 4+ years, I've learned the powerful gift of how to witness and teach others how to do the same.


As a Womxn, I'm deeply committed to giving people opportunities to be seen and heard, uplifting marginalized communities and finding ways to use my creative expressions to make a positive impact. 


I promise to give you the space to explore your emotions, Be Witnessed in your struggles and your triumphs and to listen and interact with you as a powerful Womxn committed to your personal greatness. 

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