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  Resistance and Growth  

 MAY 15th, 2022 

Join us for our first 3 month journey, Integrating Resistance and Growth, part of our year long integration cycle. Be seen and heard in what you're resisting and where you're growing so that you can move beyond the barriers that stop you.


We see you 

We hear you

We believe you

We are you

We are here for you 


If you are grappling with anything in your life or in the world and want ongoing support for your mind, body, and soul, integrating resistance and growth was designed specifically for you. Through a combination of self guided and live community time, you will be supported and engage in group conversations, live somatic movement, introspective journaling and guided meditations, and you will be guided into action. By the end of the spring/summer cycle in August, you will walk away with tangible integration tools to bloom from any resistance.

 On this journey you will . . . 

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Image by Priscilla Du Preez
  • Learn how to witness and Be Witnessed through live group calls, movement, guided meditation and personal inquiry. Deepen your relationship with yourself.

  • Celebrate your baby steps and big wins with an opportunity to be acknowledged daily by the OnixBloom founders.

  • Meditate in Motion. Integrate you resistance and growth through breath and movement to connect with your exquisite motion.

  • Notice where you are bumping up against your edges (resisting) and learn how to move from resistance to growth through a powerful inquiry and activity booklet.

  • Discover how to retreat always, finding alignment with the spring to summer season.

  • Engage your senses with recipes that allow you to look at integration through a different lens.

  • Make integration a part of your lifestyle through two additional live check ins, 3 months of acknowledgment, and weekly guidance.

 Integrating Resistance and Growth is for you if . . . 

  • You are a human being who is engaged in self-discovery

  • Your nervous system is taxed and yearning for some tender loving care and movement

  • You are working with your body or your mind already and want them to feel whole and connected

  • You want to be with a community that holds space - you are not alone

  • You recognize the natural cycles of life and want to deepen your practice of moving with them

  • You are ready to inquire about what you are resisting and then take action (it's OK if it is a small baby step!)

  • You need time blocked on your calendar to break, retreat and relish in the season of spring

  • You know you don't have it all together, because who does and you want to be in a space where that is more than ok

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"Resistance is probably one of the most fundamental tools we can use for sustainable growth, because it allows us to move forward into the change at our own pace."
- Melinda Wells

What you will receive  . . . 

2.5 hour Be Witnessed Zoom retreat - Be seen and heard in a judgement free, safe space

Two 5-10 min monthly live Be Witnessed check-ins with OB founders

Daily acknowledgment opportunity from the OB founders through our private WhatsApp group or email

Somatic movement designed to nourish your nervous system during the call with ideas on how to incorporate this into your life.

An Inquiry Booklet including jumping off points to inquire about integrating your resistance and celebrating your growth

Activity booklet with guided mediation - learn how to acknowledge your resistance and turn it into an opportunity for growth

Ideas to generate intentional time – How to retreat always specific to this time in the yearly cycle

Bonus: Two recipes that you can use to deepen your awareness of resistance and growth before, during, or after your retreat


 Integrating Resistance & Growth Investment . . . 

2 Inquiry/Activity booklets, 2 recipes and a retreat always guide

Value $1100

3 months of integration including weekly guidance with OB founders, 2 live check-ins, and daily acknowledgement 

    Value  $900

2.5 hour LIVE zoom retreat

     Value $750


That is a total value of $2750 USD!


Your investment for Integrating Resistance and Growth is



3 monthly payments of $107

If you are a past OnixBloom member or part of the Whole U community your investment is


How do you become a member?

Complete your first retreat and you are in!

Registration closes May 11th, 2022

If you have the financial means to pay it forward there is an option to expand on your ticket price to contribute to a scholarship member.

Click Let's Integrate to register. 

If you have a financial hardship and would like to request a scholarship please email us at with subject line Scholarship

White Sheet

 So, are you ready? 

*To be seen and heard?

*To meet your resistance with support? 

*To be acknowledged for your growth

*To nourish your mind and body

*To move with the cycles of integration

We can't wait to integrate with you!

Meet OB

Founders . . . 


Erica Sciarretta


Dhyana Garcia


Teresa Sciarretta

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