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 Meditation in Motion  

What is Meditation in Motion?

Meditation in Motion is a fluid journey to explore the landscapes of stillness and exquisite motion through, meditation, yoga, dance, breathing practices and movements based on Ayurvedic principles. MiM’s purpose is to provide you with a peaceful, safe space for movement and creativity, no matter where you are. Relish in the magnificence that is your body's capabilities.  

 Tangible Tools:

  • 3 Breathing techniques to calm and empower your life.

  • 3 Meditations (seated, standing and moving) to increase focus and build awareness.

  • 3 Movement practices/rituals to connect you to your own exquisite motion.

Science-based benefits people experience from practicing both meditation and dance/movement together:

  • Reduces stress and controls anxiety

  • Promotes emotional health

  • Improves condition of your heart and lungs

  • Increased blood circulation 

  • Increased muscular strength, endurance and motor skills

  • Increased aerobic fitness

  • Stronger bones and reduced risk of osteoporosis

  • Better coordination, agility and flexibility

  • Improved balance and spatial awareness

  • Increased physical confidence

  • Improved mental functioning, lengthens attention span 

  • Improved general and psychological well-being

  • Greater self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Enhances self-awareness

  • May reduce age-related memory loss

  • Releases “happiness" hormones (Dopamine)

What if I don’t consider myself a dancer/mover or feel uncomfortable moving in front of others?

  • Your body is your instrument to experience the world. This is the only requirement to join Meditation in Motion. We believe that your body is your temple and your mind is your ally. It is never too late to love and care for both deeply, so you can have an awesome relationship with yourself. If you happen to be a somatic or movement professional, this program will guide you into new subtle ways of experiencing your body in action.

“Meditation is not making the mind quiet. It is tolerating all the noise without resistance and discovering the silent depths. Meditation is not sitting still. It is enjoying your motion on all levels, including the sub levels, where stillness and exquisite motion seem to be one and the same.” - Lorin Roche, Ph.D.

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